IPv6 Performance Monitoring

CA App Synthetic Monitor IPv6 Performance Monitoring verifies the availability and performance of IPv6-enabled websites and services, from an external user’s perspective

What is IPv6 Performance Monitoring?

Using CA App Synthetic Monitor Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Performance Monitoring, IPv6 adaptors can monitor and report on the availability and performance of their IPv6 enabled websites and web applications.

IPv6 vastly expands address and routing capabilities. CA App Synthetic Monitor IPv6 Performance Monitoring provides IPv6 adopters with access to the necessary tools to monitor all aspects of their systems during their transition to IPv6.

As with all CA App Synthetic Monitor services, IPv6 Performance Monitoring is self-service; allowing users the freedom to set up and manage all monitor details. According to custom configured notification and escalation parameters, automated performance alerts are sent via email, SMS etc. Full reporting functionality is also available via the CA App Synthetic Monitor customer console.

Why do I need IPv6 Performance Monitoring?

As IPv6 is becoming the essential backbone protocol for next-generation networking, native IPv6 performance monitoring is essential to determine whether performance issues are originating in the transition phase to IPv6 or in the end-to-end IPv6 environment.

How does CA App Synthetic Monitor IPv6 Performance Monitoring work?

In exactly the same way as WatchMouse’s existing site and performance monitoring services, just over a new protocol!

A typical scenario would be to set up monitors for your site via both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as a monitor to check DNS resolution for both A and AAAA records.

For countries where we have found poor support for IPv6 from our upstream providers, CA App Synthetic Monitor is using tunnels through HE, SixXS or other brokers.

Product Features

  • Award winning verification of external IPv6 site performance from over 80+ monitoring stations
  • Monitors can be set up to use either IPv4 or IPv6
  • Advanced DNS monitoring to monitor for example AAAA records
  • Detailed Root Cause Analysis, including address resolution
  • Automated alerting via email, SMS etc. of website and application performance issues
  • Extensive real-time reporting
  • Transaction monitoring for IPv6 sites – to verify login pages and shopping carts etc
  • Access to IPv6 enabled diagnostic tools for ping, traceroute and site checks

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