Advanced Performance Monitoring

You can't afford to lose customers due to downtime or poor performance.

  • CA App Synthetic Monitor offers solutions that help reduce downtime and monitor all levels of performance
    • Global availability 24/7
    • Instant load times
    • Perfect functionality
    • Status transparency

CA App Synthetic Monitor is a global industry leader in website and application performance monitoring.

Website Performance & Monitoring is Essential

"Two seconds is the new threshold in terms of an average online shopper's expectation for a web page to load."
~Forrester Research

A delay of just one-half second impacts key business metrics, according to research by Microsoft and Google, which include:

  • Greater bounce rate (visitors quickly leave after viewing the first page)
  • Fewer pages per visit
  • Less revenue per visitor
  • Lower search engine rankings

Don't try this at home

In-house performance monitoring diverts resources from your core business. It's also time consuming, expensive and may not identify errors caused by providers such as an ISP or hosting company. Additionally, in-house solutions typically only monitor from a single point, so you have no way of knowing if your site is accessible to customers from different locations around the world.

The CA App Synthetic Monitor globally distributed infrastructure of {{rounded_number_of_checkpoints}}+ monitoring stations continuously checks your sites, servers and applications 24/7 to deliver verification that your sites are available, fast-loading and functioning properly.

CA App Synthetic Monitor conducts checks from an external perspective to replicate real-time user experience and provides your business with independent information about your website's performance and availability.

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Functional Testing, Transaction Monitoring

Verify every single step in a click path or transaction using scripts.

  • Detect broken or malfunctioning web-apps
  • Pinpoint the weakest link in a click path
  • Fix deteriorating transaction speed

CA App Synthetic Monitor checks the complete functionality of your web site, identifies exactly where problems occur and eliminates brand damage due to poor availability or performance.

Perfect Functionality
Your Site is Up, but Does it Always Work?

CA App Synthetic Monitor Transaction Monitoring (also referred to as scripting, functional testing or web application testing) checks the behavior of your website and identifies exactly where bottle necks or problems occur. A better customer experience is created when your site performance increases, and increased performance starts with knowing the issues.

CA App Synthetic Monitor supports scripts composed using the open source JMeter tool.

You'll need a service plan that supports script monitors in order to use Transaction Monitoring. You can then upload your transaction monitoring scripts, run them using our global infrastructure of 52 checkpoints and find the detailed performance breakdown in your CA App Synthetic Monitor dashboard.

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Public Status Pages

Increase transparency & openness.

  • Consumers and developers are calling for increased website status transparency
  • Display the live health of your website to anyone using the CA App Synthetic Monitor Public Status Pages:
    • Available in real-time 24/7
    • Create better communication with all end users
    • Reduce costly customers service interactions

Increase transparency & openness

Why Go Public?

We have entered an age of transparency and openness that has spread to where we live, do business and govern. In this day and age, the more public a company is, the more opportunities there are to learn, create value and save money.

A CA App Synthetic Monitor Public Status Page is a web page that informs customers on the status of your services, reduces costly customer service interactions with your company, and creates goodwill with end users.

Set up in just minutes, a Public Status Pages shows the current status of your specified selection of online services and can display updates and public announcements for your customers.

The pages are hosted on the Amazon cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your status pages are highly scalable. It also ensures that your status pages continue to be publicly available even if your main site or service is not.

For the public status of our own site and applications see our CA App Synthetic Monitor Status Page. Check our worldwide monitoring stations status here.

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API and Web Services (Cloud) Monitoring

Do your services depend on external APIs or do you provide APIs to third parties?

  • The CA App Synthetic Monitor API and web services monitoring helps you maximize the uptime, speed and reliability of these critical integrated business processes
    • Web service protocols can monitor both single API and multi-step web services transactions to validate SOA/WOA implementations, web services chains and application mash-ups
    • Provides independent validation of availability, speed, reliability, and functionality by continually monitoring APIs from a worldwide network

Monitor the glue that holds your infrastructure together.

The CA App Synthetic Monitor API and Web Services monitors track the performance and uptime of your API's, as well as the API's and services of others you may rely on.

The CA App Synthetic Monitor API and Web Services monitor both single API and multi-step web services transactions to validate SOA/WOA implementations, web services chains and application mash-ups. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced productivity of web applications and services
  • Increased level of service via APIs and Web Services to online customers and partners
  • Third-party validation of the quality of your online applications and services
  • Eliminates risks of service violations or lost revenue resulting from application downtime
  • Monitors API and Web Services applications from outside your network to assess performance from an end-user perspective
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Extensive Reporting, Analysis and Alerting

Knowledge is power.

  • Downtime costs billions in lost revenues and opportunities; instant reporting and alerting tools and knowledge for key people is critical
    • View extensive reports to see your performance and availability over time
    • Issue immediate alerts to minimize customer dissatisfaction and churn
    • Drill down to see actual errors that have occurred

Knowledge is power
Don't let downtime bring your business to a halt

Customers can't reach your site, online transactions and client emails aren't received, your help desk gets overloaded with complaints, while staff sits around waiting for systems to start working again.

A Public Status Page is a web page that informs customers on the status of your services, reduces costly customer service interactions with your company, and creates goodwill with end users.

Annual Uptime Annual Downtime Business Days
95% 438 hours Almost 3 weeks
99% 87 hours,36 minutes Almost 4 days
99.9% 8 hours,45 minutes A whole business day
99.99% 53 minutes Time to eat lunch :-)

Business critical websites require 24/7 monitoring. Every minute of downtime can result in significant lost revenues, annoyed customers, and a negative impact on your company's reputation and brand.

CA App Synthetic Monitor immediately notifies those who are mission critical in your company if and when any site functionalities show vulnerability. The console makes it easy to change or delete monitoring intervals, alert contacts and timeout thresholds in a matter of seconds. Extensive reporting functionality makes it easy for your business to identify and proactively monitor trends, such as a slow decline in performance which otherwise easily goes undetected but causes your online customers considerable frustration.

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Full-Page Monitoring

Traditional site monitoring tools emulate browsers to check availability and performance. Real Browser Monitoring allows you to verify a site's performance as perceived by the end-user using a real browser.

  • Accurately measure the performance of real browser visits
  • Pinpoint performance issues using an actual browser
  • Verify that your site and web applications are delivering the best possible user experience
  • Manage the asynchronous communication of RIAs and reports on the browser’s execution time

How Fast Does Your Site Really Load in Various Countries?
Using real browsers to measure website speed

"Site performance improvements deliver a huge ROI with optimization resulting in a 16% increase in conversion rates and a 5.5% increase in average order value."
~ Strangeloop Networks

Today's websites commonly use client side technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS) to render pages and to weave together various components served from different geographic locations. This can pose a problem, however, regarding the perceived performance of the site. Sure, your site may load perfectly and swiftly from the office, and from other locations in your area, but how about other cities or other countries?

If your site attracts more than a regional community of users, you should care, and you should be thinking about using real browsers to monitor your website's speed. Your own content, as it is distributed from your own servers may be optimized locally, but are all the other components served optimally as well? And, how fast does your site really load for the international visitors you wish to reach?

Full-Page Monitoring checks that each component of your site is correctly responding, and functionally verifies that the composite site is working - from the originating web servers right through to the end-user's browser. It benchmarks a website, reports the true end-user's experience, and offers insight above and beyond regular website monitoring tools that synthetically emulate browsers to check a site's availability and performance.

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Real Browser Monitoring

Real Browser Monitoring is the merger and latest evolution of Real Browser and Transaction Monitoring and accurately records and plays back web transactions using real browsers.

  • Record user interactions, not navigation traffic, via the proven CA App Synthetic Monitor Recorder
  • Playback via real browsers (starting with FireFox, adding Chrome soon)
  • Monitors run from 80+ global monitoring stations
  • Screenshots of each step in the transaction
  • Timed screenshots of a website loading in the browser (e.g. from a white screen to the full page)
  • Waterfall charts of all embedded elements in a page (images, CSS files, etc.), for each step

Why monitor your site with Real Browsers?

Current Web 2.0 technologies used to collaborate between multiple sources and deliver content using JavaScript, Flash, Ajax and CSS are all known as Rich Internet Applications (RIA). With RIAs, much of the execution of a site's content happens on the client's browser rather than the web. Examples include the social networking sites, Facebook and YouTube, which encourage their users to collaborate, and share information using Web 2.0 technologies. Amazon's rich media site also depends on Web 2.0 technologies to display multimedia ads and animation.

Traditional monitoring only simulates one part of a browser, the HTTP protocol. By contrast, Real Browser Monitoring is a real browser, which uses multiple connections, renders a page, builds a DOM and executes JavaScript which is not done by a simple HTTP web check. One example of this would be Curl versus Internet Explorer.

Traditional website monitoring does not check network connects or execute RIAs, therefore it cannot accurately report on an actual end-user site experience. Real Browser Monitoring conducts tests using end-user browsers. It checks how they manage the asynchronous communication of RIAs and reports on the browser's execution time.

The CA App Synthetic Monitor dashboard contains reports that detail the exact download sequence. By pinpointing the components of your site that are causing delays and errors, you can optimize to ensure that your site is delivering the best possible end-user experience.

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Over 80 Checkpoints Worldwide

Your website works in one country, but not in others

  • CA App Synthetic Monitor tests globally to replicate visits from within each country and ensures your site is available to an international audience.

Worldwide testing for a global economy.
Monitor real-time user experience from their point of view.

CA App Synthetic Monitor maintains a vast monitoring network with monitoring locations located all around the world - so you don't have to. CA App Synthetic Monitor provides a precise, unbiased "end user perspective" on your applications and services. CA App Synthetic Monitor has a robust, reliable and scalable infrastructure that powers its load testing and website performance monitoring services.

CA App Synthetic Monitor simply has one of the industry's most comprehensive monitoring networks that powers external performance monitoring solutions for hundreds of enterprise customers and SaaS providers.

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